Saturday, January 31, 2009

In three months...

October 4, 2008

January 2, 2009

Who knew so much could change in only 3 months!?
(and yes, this picture is taken in the exact spot on Temple Square, i think we're actually closer together in the picture of Jed as a missionary then on our wedding day...)


  1. What a cute way to post these pictures! I love them both! And it's great that the "mission" picture you're sitting a lot closer together. I can't wait to hear about your live together! I wish you the best all the way from the east coast!

  2. guess what can happen in 2 hours...
    going from pregnant to baby!! crazy!

    cute pic though!!

  3. I'm not sure which pictures expresses the most anticipation.....Post mission or post honeymoon?

  4. Oh. Question.
    How do you get the big picture at the top of your main page of your blog.
    I'm definitey blog dumb

  5. BAhaha. These pictures make me laugh everytime I see them. Thats hilarious.

  6. hahaha im with linds. i laugh every time. hilarious. i hope your v-day was amazing. i still miss you.. even though i just saw you a week ago...blah. i love that just jed is a contributor to this blog. that will be the day. :) B informed me that just because he knows how to blog, and has done a little bit of it while he's been on his mission.. he probably wont be doing to much blogging on our blog after were married. what a terd. love you.