Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ahhh.. Memories

Tonight Jed and I spent some time cleaning out our storage room. I pulled out the two GIANT scrapbooks I made of his mission while he was away. We spent some time looking through them.

A) My husband is such a wonderful man.

B) I am dang good at scrapbooking. Why haven't I touched it since he got home? Seriously.. check out a few bad photos of some random pages! Click it. Make it bigger.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you hear me?

So, maybe it's a little silly that this blog even exists, but I figure with summer coming up, I will definitely need two blogs to update.

Jed and I have been busy shopping for things we can enjoy once the warm weather arrives (it snowed today... just in case you were wondering).

We received a nice tax return and we will be paying off some debts and using most of it wisely. However, we allowed ourselves to splurge a little.

Right now, Jed's awesome mountain bike is in the shop. It should be fully functional by Friday.
For me, we picked out this beauty--

And these fun guys--

We also got this tent--

and a magnetic lantern to light it up! (you put a magnet on the outside side, and the lantern on the inside).
We will also be getting a sleeping bag for me, dutch oven, and a tarp.

Oh, and we got a cargo platform that we can connect to the back of the jeep. Normally these things are hundreds of dollars, but we found a certified welder who makes his own! We got a great deal!

It has been so fun picking out things that will help us build memories as a family! Hopefully we will have stories to share as the summer comes along.
Anyone for camping?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Addition to Our Family...

Despite everyone thinking I'm pregnant, I'm hear to show and tell you all of our latest excitement! I don't have pictures of the real thing yet because Jed took it mudding and got it filthy before I could snatch any. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our NEW CAR! Last Monday, Jedders noticed an awesome deal on a beautiful 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We signed the papers Tuesday, and picked it up on Wednesday! We drove it on our little weekend trip to Wyoming, and it drove flawlessly! We are so happy about our newest family investment! These are just a few of my favorite features:
--83,000 miles
--it's BYU Blue
--Old people owned it, so it's been well taken care of
--4 Wheel Drive
--Leather heated seats
--Dual climate control (definitely has reduced our little spats)
--Power everything
--The coolest feature ever-- when I unlock it with my remote, it puts the seats, mirrors, and radio presets to where I like them automatically, same for Jed. This is great when You're married to a guy with legs 2 feet longer than yours.
--Mirror defrosts and back windshield wiper
--TONS of space!
--Another fav... When you close the doors.. outside is OUTSIDE. I have never had a car that didn't have a gaping wind tunnel through it. Yesss!
--low, low, low price!
--10-disc CD changer
--already installed tow package
--rear-view mirror auto-dim
--Menus on the rear-view mirror recording your gas mileage, trip time, temperature, How much longer you have until you'll need to fill-up.. etc...
--Sweet Rims
--Aaaaaaand, it's PRETTY!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Homely Home

Well, today I got our apartment ready for some potential "sublet-renter-couples" who responded to my ad on Craigslist. And I was actually worried about subleasing our contract... BUT I've had 10 responses today and the first guy who came buy said he wanted it, so I had to start a list of fall-back couples... just in case it doesn't go through.

Back to the story-- I was getting the apartment ready, and I just have to say that I cleaned it from top to bottom. Our apartment has never been so "everything-in-its-place" before. Aaaaand we're moving in 4 weeks. Perfect.

Anyway, this is the first time I feel comfortable enough sharing pictures of our apartment... even if our apartment doesn't look tip top to most of you.. IT IS!
Every piece of furniture has been donated.. and most of the decor too. I have yet to put up wedding pictures... shame on me, I know. It's just too hard to pick which ones I like enough to blow up!

Which I just have to reiterate. I had the BEST photographer to ever walk the planet. LOVE her! Anne Pearson.. I miss you Lady! AnnePearsonPhotography.com/blog. If any of you need family portraits, baby pictures, engagements, weddings.. ANYTHING done.. this Woman can do it.

Ok.. Back to the apartment. Don't laugh.

Drumroll please.............................................

Our FREE couches! (and $2 matching throw pillows from D.I.)

Our bookshelf of fun stuff-- wedding pictures, games, movies, scrapbooks.. you name it!

The EYE SORE of this place! We NEED to get a cabinet-- but we have to wait until we can find one for free because... let's face it... that's how we roll. This little coffee table under the TV is the only piece of furniture I've paid for. $10 D.I. special.

Like the florescent lights? and 70's chairs? Ohhh yeahhhh!

Our bed with pretty quilt from the Goodrich Women! And Jeddybear.. and Jordan and Mike nightstand and MASSIVE clothes bin.... and FREE bed from Aunt Sherrie Terry!

Notice the BRAND NEW windows! As of Thursday!

Awesome Organization SKILLZZZZZ, huh!?

The sink in our Bedroom.

Had to have this toilet stand thingy. I LOVE IT.

Ok! That's our Home. WE like it.. AND the cheap price.

Thanks everyone for helping us furnish it! It's be a group effort! Love you guys!


p.s. Longest Blog post EVERRRR!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Update, Update!

*We've both been sick, but I think we're on the down-slope now!

*We are just starting the 3rd season of LOST. Aand boy are we OBSESSED! We've gone through 2 seasons in about 3 weeks. I knew I'd get hooked once we started it, and I was right. It's so good! Captivating-- they have the art of the "cliffhanger" MASTERED!

*School is wearing on us both! We're ready for the summer!

*We are in the market for a new, for us, Used Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why?

*Because we're moving to Kentucky for the summer. Hello, Louisville! Here we come! We are joining Jed's cousin Swede/Chris and his wife Jessica (who is my age) to sell security systems for APX. Jessica and Swede are so great and they have been married only 4 months longer than us! Jed and Swede grew up together, practically brothers, so Jed is super excited about getting to spend some more time with his closest cousin! So back to the car. My little celica could no way handle a three-day drive to Kentucky. It also has no A/C, which would not be fun for the summer drive. It is TINY. The back window is falling through. and it's about 15 years old with 215,000 miles! So, we're still making some major decisions, but we're excited about the prospect of having a competant vehicle.

*We still love each other and everything is GREAT!

p.s. we're just starting on Thank-You cards! Sorry everyone! *I'm cringing*

Friday, February 20, 2009

Right now I'm so in love with my husband, my love, my life. He's playing halo beside me, and I guess we decided to stay up a little late (like... 2 hours after bedtime). He's got his little xbox earphone in, talking with his stranger teammates across the country. He's leaning forward, furiously tippity-tapping the controller buttons trying to kill the red guys... and the blue guys. He's green. Sometimes we play halo together. I like playing where he and I are a team, fighting the alien guys. That way we can save each others' lives. and guess what? it works.

And he just got off

Cheesy smile-- "I made friends."

Bedtime. Nothing better than falling asleep in his arms.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

In three months...

October 4, 2008

January 2, 2009

Who knew so much could change in only 3 months!?
(and yes, this picture is taken in the exact spot on Temple Square, i think we're actually closer together in the picture of Jed as a missionary then on our wedding day...)