Friday, February 20, 2009

Right now I'm so in love with my husband, my love, my life. He's playing halo beside me, and I guess we decided to stay up a little late (like... 2 hours after bedtime). He's got his little xbox earphone in, talking with his stranger teammates across the country. He's leaning forward, furiously tippity-tapping the controller buttons trying to kill the red guys... and the blue guys. He's green. Sometimes we play halo together. I like playing where he and I are a team, fighting the alien guys. That way we can save each others' lives. and guess what? it works.

And he just got off

Cheesy smile-- "I made friends."

Bedtime. Nothing better than falling asleep in his arms.


  1. Adrianne... I like you a lot...

  2. I'm sure you just went to bed.

  3.'re too cute...I love that you're just you! Thanks for your sweet post on my blog. I hope you still love your pictures...miss working with the two of you!