Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you hear me?

So, maybe it's a little silly that this blog even exists, but I figure with summer coming up, I will definitely need two blogs to update.

Jed and I have been busy shopping for things we can enjoy once the warm weather arrives (it snowed today... just in case you were wondering).

We received a nice tax return and we will be paying off some debts and using most of it wisely. However, we allowed ourselves to splurge a little.

Right now, Jed's awesome mountain bike is in the shop. It should be fully functional by Friday.
For me, we picked out this beauty--

And these fun guys--

We also got this tent--

and a magnetic lantern to light it up! (you put a magnet on the outside side, and the lantern on the inside).
We will also be getting a sleeping bag for me, dutch oven, and a tarp.

Oh, and we got a cargo platform that we can connect to the back of the jeep. Normally these things are hundreds of dollars, but we found a certified welder who makes his own! We got a great deal!

It has been so fun picking out things that will help us build memories as a family! Hopefully we will have stories to share as the summer comes along.
Anyone for camping?


  1. Adrianne, can we please go camping together this summer?!

  2. Come here and we'd gladly go with you. Bo's been BEGGING to go.

  3. a tent is a great splerg idea, we need one too. maybe thats where our tax money will go, a long with dr check ups and car tax.