Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Addition to Our Family...

Despite everyone thinking I'm pregnant, I'm hear to show and tell you all of our latest excitement! I don't have pictures of the real thing yet because Jed took it mudding and got it filthy before I could snatch any. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of our NEW CAR! Last Monday, Jedders noticed an awesome deal on a beautiful 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We signed the papers Tuesday, and picked it up on Wednesday! We drove it on our little weekend trip to Wyoming, and it drove flawlessly! We are so happy about our newest family investment! These are just a few of my favorite features:
--83,000 miles
--it's BYU Blue
--Old people owned it, so it's been well taken care of
--4 Wheel Drive
--Leather heated seats
--Dual climate control (definitely has reduced our little spats)
--Power everything
--The coolest feature ever-- when I unlock it with my remote, it puts the seats, mirrors, and radio presets to where I like them automatically, same for Jed. This is great when You're married to a guy with legs 2 feet longer than yours.
--Mirror defrosts and back windshield wiper
--TONS of space!
--Another fav... When you close the doors.. outside is OUTSIDE. I have never had a car that didn't have a gaping wind tunnel through it. Yesss!
--low, low, low price!
--10-disc CD changer
--already installed tow package
--rear-view mirror auto-dim
--Menus on the rear-view mirror recording your gas mileage, trip time, temperature, How much longer you have until you'll need to fill-up.. etc...
--Sweet Rims
--Aaaaaaand, it's PRETTY!


  1. Congrats! I love it! Good choice!

  2. Giiirl, I thought my new car was neat! Yours is so cool!

  3. I WISH we had that feature where everything adjusts to the way you need it. I have to move my seat closer and higher every time I drive. Not to mention the mirrors and such. By the time I'm all adjusted ... Maggie has spit out her binkey and is crying...again. So I'm totally jealous!

  4. I'm sure you two look FAB in this! I miss your face too....just wanted to let you know I enterted your laying down bridal in the "Utah Brides" magazine competition...that's how beaut you are! AND...I'll get you the link so your can vote for your sweet face.....

  5. its july.
    you two need an update!

  6. Glad you commented on my blog...cuz now I have yours! Congrats on the new car...even if it was a few months ago. We will be looking for a car in the near future. All we have is my car and his bicycle. haha...livin' the college DREAM!
    Yes, we live at Cambridge Court. Where are you guys gonna be living? I got your FB wall post but it wont let me comment on this computer...so I will when I get home. Let me know.

  7. my brother and dad both have jeeps and they are obsessed with them. Understandably, they're tough cars. nice choice!