Monday, March 9, 2009

Update, Update!

*We've both been sick, but I think we're on the down-slope now!

*We are just starting the 3rd season of LOST. Aand boy are we OBSESSED! We've gone through 2 seasons in about 3 weeks. I knew I'd get hooked once we started it, and I was right. It's so good! Captivating-- they have the art of the "cliffhanger" MASTERED!

*School is wearing on us both! We're ready for the summer!

*We are in the market for a new, for us, Used Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why?

*Because we're moving to Kentucky for the summer. Hello, Louisville! Here we come! We are joining Jed's cousin Swede/Chris and his wife Jessica (who is my age) to sell security systems for APX. Jessica and Swede are so great and they have been married only 4 months longer than us! Jed and Swede grew up together, practically brothers, so Jed is super excited about getting to spend some more time with his closest cousin! So back to the car. My little celica could no way handle a three-day drive to Kentucky. It also has no A/C, which would not be fun for the summer drive. It is TINY. The back window is falling through. and it's about 15 years old with 215,000 miles! So, we're still making some major decisions, but we're excited about the prospect of having a competant vehicle.

*We still love each other and everything is GREAT!

p.s. we're just starting on Thank-You cards! Sorry everyone! *I'm cringing*


  1. Love you Adrianne! Miss you... I wish I knew someone with a jeep.. sorry! Good luck with that!

  2. Don't you just LOVE LOST?!! I do! We are watching the second season. Erika has never seen them. Glad to hear that all is well with you. How is the "new" table?

  3.'s about time you blog!
    so are you coming to visit before Kentucky with Chris and Jess? I can't wait to see you guys! and Kentucky is not that far away!!!
    woo-hoo. kara will be so excited. she loves looking at your pic at nana's house!

  4. I didn't think you actually had to drive a jeep to live in Kentucky? Do the rednecks go down that far or is that where the 'ol south' begins and gentlemen are still to be found?

  5. Oh I seriously had to take an entire saturday and do my thank you cards. It was torture!! should definitely stop in KC on your way to KenTUCK ey. :)

    I have a brother in law in Tennessee ... have fun..and don't get too hot.

  6. totally jealous that you are going to kentucky. will you PLEASE scout out my boy for me? Seriously, that's the mission he's in! Ahh i'm so excited for you guys!!! :) :) find Elder Hunter haha!