Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Homely Home

Well, today I got our apartment ready for some potential "sublet-renter-couples" who responded to my ad on Craigslist. And I was actually worried about subleasing our contract... BUT I've had 10 responses today and the first guy who came buy said he wanted it, so I had to start a list of fall-back couples... just in case it doesn't go through.

Back to the story-- I was getting the apartment ready, and I just have to say that I cleaned it from top to bottom. Our apartment has never been so "everything-in-its-place" before. Aaaaand we're moving in 4 weeks. Perfect.

Anyway, this is the first time I feel comfortable enough sharing pictures of our apartment... even if our apartment doesn't look tip top to most of you.. IT IS!
Every piece of furniture has been donated.. and most of the decor too. I have yet to put up wedding pictures... shame on me, I know. It's just too hard to pick which ones I like enough to blow up!

Which I just have to reiterate. I had the BEST photographer to ever walk the planet. LOVE her! Anne Pearson.. I miss you Lady! If any of you need family portraits, baby pictures, engagements, weddings.. ANYTHING done.. this Woman can do it.

Ok.. Back to the apartment. Don't laugh.

Drumroll please.............................................

Our FREE couches! (and $2 matching throw pillows from D.I.)

Our bookshelf of fun stuff-- wedding pictures, games, movies, scrapbooks.. you name it!

The EYE SORE of this place! We NEED to get a cabinet-- but we have to wait until we can find one for free because... let's face it... that's how we roll. This little coffee table under the TV is the only piece of furniture I've paid for. $10 D.I. special.

Like the florescent lights? and 70's chairs? Ohhh yeahhhh!

Our bed with pretty quilt from the Goodrich Women! And Jeddybear.. and Jordan and Mike nightstand and MASSIVE clothes bin.... and FREE bed from Aunt Sherrie Terry!

Notice the BRAND NEW windows! As of Thursday!

Awesome Organization SKILLZZZZZ, huh!?

The sink in our Bedroom.

Had to have this toilet stand thingy. I LOVE IT.

Ok! That's our Home. WE like it.. AND the cheap price.

Thanks everyone for helping us furnish it! It's be a group effort! Love you guys!


p.s. Longest Blog post EVERRRR!


  1. yes, i am STILL jealous that you guys are moving to kentucky! Will you please keep an eye out for elder hunter :) thanks! cute apartment, i LURVE the Family frame in the kitchen!

  2. Adrianne! I love it! It is so cute...

  3. Most of our house is furnished with handme downs too!
    Well, aside from the sectional we bought with our tax return and the tv/stand we bought when we got our house. EVERYTHING has been given to us. Including our bedspread and sheets. Its awesome!

    Have fun moving.

    And props for being able to live with florescent lights. They give me major migranes!

  4. Brent and I were looking at this and he was like, "that's going to be us soon!" I hope you're loving married life.

  5. lol are those dining room chairs from Grandma Jones? Cause I recognize them.....

  6. I love it, this way you'll always have a great story to tell your children about your first apartment together!

  7. Your basement apartment has better windows than ours!!!!! Lucky!

    We actually pretty much will live underground for a while...haha.

    but fo reals...I registered for that toilet stand, I'm glad you think it's great! I was worried!